In October I was lucky enough to visit Lebanon again – one of my favourite places in the world. For me, it combines the best parts of the Middle East and Mediterranean Europe, a land rich with history and culture (it is, after all, ancient Phoenicia) and with a progressive, friendly and welcoming population. This… Read More Lebanon


I was lucky enough to travel round the beautiful, world-weary southern African state of Zimbabwe in the summer (which was the southern hemisphere winter!). The purposes of the trip were several – to research ex-Rhodesian (“British South African”) Police Land Rovers, to find Series Land Rovers for my friend Mark to potentially buy, to visit… Read More Zimbabwe


I’m about an hour or so away from some of the biggest dunes in the world, south of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I’ve pretty much avoided them since I arrived however, with one or two exceptions, because I was spoiled by the deserts of Egypt – for me the open desert is a quiet place,… Read More Dunes