Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a big deal, especially on older Land Rovers. They are big, tough vehicles, but things wear out. Things get loose. It’s something we as owners need to keep on top of – especially if we have older trucks.                 As an example, as soon as Covid lockdown was lifted in the UAE… Read More Preventative Maintenance


Maybe the easiest meal when on the road and campfire cooking? Certainly one of the most fun, and versatile. How to Make Kebabs: 1. Cut the ingredients into similar-size pieces and prepare as the recipe directs. If marinating, refrigerate 1 hour for fish and up to overnight for meat and poultry. 2. Preheat a grill… Read More Kebabs!

Desert camping

After yesterday’s discussion about how to scout and set up a camp in an arid rocky valley, it might be worth extending the view and talking about actual desert camps. Typically an overlander’s first experience of a desert camp might be Morocco or Tunisia and, though the “real” desert is fast vanishing from those places,… Read More Desert camping