The Born Free Foundation is an international conservation organisation whose intention is to conserve wildlife in it’s natural habitat and, in doing so, preserve the habitat as well (taking into account the needs ot the wildlife but also the human inhabitants of the area, if any). Founded by Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna, and now run by their son Will, BFF was inspired by the work of George and Joy Adamson, whose friendship with the lioness Elsa was the story behind the film ‘Born Free’. I was lucky enough to be one of the first members and I have remained close to the organisation ever since, working with them in Kenya on various projects. Today they work in many countries, often closely with government-funded conservation organisations.

defender of wildlife 2

Defenders of wildlife

born free and kws ranger team

Born Free Foundation and Kenya Wildlife Service rangers, Elsa’s Pool, Meru

kws and born free and land rover together

Born Free Foundation with Kenya Wildlife Service and the Mt Kenya Trust, Mount Kenya

lion census by night

Lion census, Meru 2016 #YearOfTheLion

working with the villagers

Education outreach, Kisimane, Meru

Education outreach, Lenkisem, Amboseli 

 lion census tracker team

Lion census, Meru 2016 #YearOfTheLion