Here are some links I use a lot – you may find them useful or interesting

Information Sources

The Overland Forum – An excellent forum for southern African travel.

The Africa Overland Network – A resource of collected trip reports for African trips.

Horizons Unlimited – home of the HUBB Bulletin Board.

ADVRider – another excellent Bulletin Board – for overland bikers.

Land Rover Owner International – the world’s best-selling Land Rover magazine – also their Web Forum.

Equipment Suppliers

Lifesaver Systems – excellent water filters for travellers.

Engel Fridges UK – the best fridges for vehicle-based travel, with minimal current draw.

MyWay Safari Equipment – my preferred choice for roof tents and safari trailers. I think they are brilliant.

Black Paw 4×4 – finding a competent mechanic that you trust is difficult. It took me a while to find Ben Stowe and Black Paw. They are excellent and they specialise in Overland vehicles.

Go Outdoors – If you are in the UK and need kit fast, these guys have it. They are mass-market generalists but they sell good kit at sensible prices.

Hennessy Hammocks – simple, tough and extremely comfy hammocks that also double as tents or chairs. I’ve used them in remote areas of Africa and Asia as well as Europe. They pack down to almost nothing but guarantee a good night’s sleep. Great.

Tentsile Tree tents – such a simple and yet excellent and innovative design for a tent – needs to be slung from trees, vehicles, posts or other fixtures but it’s comfy and spacious – and out of the way of bugs and things with more legs than you have.