Blog revival….

What with writing for LRO, keeping up a Twitter feed and Facebook stream and living a life, I let this blog go. Then today I realised that people have actually been looking at it – “typical bloody Watson, idle git, hasn’t written anything in ages”. Sorry everyone – thank you for persevering. I will maintain it now:)

So. Still in Cairo, for the most part, still desert-addicted, though in these days of ISIS, desert access in Egypt is very difficult. Latest news is that expats and foreigners are banned from all desert regions apart from Fayoum, and that has to be with a permit (and therefore probably a guide, almost certainly avaricious and inept).

I was in the Alps, Kenya and Cambodia this summer with various friends and various Land Rovers. Spectacular trips, all. Looking at the Scots Highlands in winter next as a possibility, but all things can change. Cairo is still hot – 42 Celsius as I type this in the suburb of October 6 City. I was in the UK last week speaking at the Adventure Overland Show (and driving an Evoque!) and the temperature was in single figures – much nicer!

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