Khor Fakkan and Snoopy Island

…which sounds like the title of a B-movie. Fujairah is a small Emirate with a large port. Possibly the biggest container port? One of the biggest anyway. I often sit with a G&T and shisha in the Hilton bar on the beach in Fujairah (like you do) and can see a vast line of freighters on the skyline, sitting in queues in the Gulf of Oman waiting to dock in Khor Fakkan up the coast. Went there the other day – its huge – and incongruously close to several good beaches. Most notable of these is the one near so-called Snoopy Island, which is a public beach and frequently used for camping by local families. Parked there, oddly enough, was a South African safari camp trailer (couldn’t make out the brand, possibly a Conqueror) on UAE plates, towed into place by a SWB Landcruiser.

Waiting on obtaining a bank account before I can buy a car here – most likely a Disco 1.

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