Sale of a friend – and new kit


(above) Testing the BoundaryTec water heater / expedition shower system (see below)

The move to the UAE was originally intended to be accompanied by Stella, my rebuilt 110 living in Cairo. However UAE laws on import of older, modified vehicles plus time and finance constraints meant that I needed to sell Stella in Cairo. This is traumatic and saddening  – as any overlander will tell you, selling a vehicle that has carried you to remote and spectacular places is difficult. She is ‘under offer’ at the time of writing….. asking price is £10,000 if anyone is interested!

Thanks to Aramex couriers I have recently received two new and interesting pieces of overland and expedition kit to try out. In alphabetical order…..

The expedition shower system is a neat idea. It places a copper coiled heat exchanger over a camping stove or campfire. Water from one 15l bag is passed through the coil, which heats the water up to a desired temperature with a thermostat. The water is then collected in a second 15l bag which can then be detached from the heating system and suspended from an A-frame, tree or vehicle as a hot shower. or used as washing or brew-up water. Neat, compact and clever. At the moment I have tested it with an Iranian version of Camping Gaz’ ubiquitous C206 stove and had good results, though tests are still happening 🙂

After much hoping I’ve finally got hold of a Tentsile tree tent – the Stingray model from This is a tent that is designed to be suspended between three objects – trees, posts, rocks or vehicles, so avoiding issues with uneven, wet, boggy, rocky or unsuitable ground. Living in an arid, desert land means trees are in short supply so, though I got it last week, I haven’t tested it yet. The only wooded area here is next to the royal palace and I didn’t want to get arrested and the tent confiscated! They are excellent kit and I’m looking forward to getting my head round it.

Watch this space!


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