Go West, young man…..

So at the mo it’s all about route planning, “coast to coast, sea to shining sea” and beyond. The New World, the Colonies, Across the Pond, and all that. I get into Washington DC on July 2. The Land Rover, Penny, is being shipped into the US from her current base in Cambodia on June 6 (the start of Ramadan here in the UAE). She gets plated and registered on June 8 and then taxed and licenced by Kurt, her owner, in sunny Florida, from where they will drive north and I will meet up with her in DC.

After that it’s all a bit ‘up in the air’. We are meeting a Cairo pal, Mike, at his home in Maine where he is working on his Defender 90 (rebuilt in Cairo and shipped to the US last year), then up through Vermont, with some offroading in the wild Vermontian hills and forests (hello H P Lovecraft). After that it’s across the border to Canada and some hellos, BBQs and more offroading with the Ottawa Valley Land Rover Club. Back into the States and more meet-ups with other LR clubs in New England and then a gradual trundle west through the northern states – Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, down into California, then Nevada, Utah and finally Colorado. In 29 days.

Hoping to catch up with some friends over there including some more of the Cairo gang and also some 4×4 mates. Going to use the #Tentsile tree tent for the first time ‘for real’ as well as the #BoundaryTec expedition shower system. It’s going to be hot and it’s going to be the height of bug season, so kitting out accordingly. There’s a pair of Danner desert boots waiting for me Stateside (a change from my usual Magnums – should be interesting) and some other kit. Back to the UK on about the 3rd August….. and then Eastern Europe for a few days! Bonkers……

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