Excellent online map seller, and kit prepping

Getting ready to head to the UK for a couple of days at the end of June before flying to the US to start the cross-continent trip. Found a great map seller on Ebay – mapguys22 is his Ebay shop – huge stock of excellent maps at sensible prices. He is in Washington State but can send maps anywhere. Hugely recommended. He’s sorted me out for both the US route and Eastern Europe, plus a pile of Tanzania maps that I’m sure will come in handy soon!

Been buying some kit here in the UAE for desert trips in August when I get back, but Ramadan opening hours are playing havoc with shop opening hours here. Also sorting out my UAE driving licence, which needs all manner of paperwork, as can be imagined.

This summer will involve massive driving days, which I’m not looking forward to. Can’t really turn down the opportunity though.

Penny the 110 has made landfall in Florida and is currently going through the fun and games of US Customs, where they view Defenders with deep suspicion because of the number of dodgy imports from the UK (cars plated and marked as ok for import but actually much newer) so here’s hoping she gets through otherwise it’s a bloody long walk 😉


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