The kindness of strangers

Really pleasantly taken aback by the huge number of offers of trail advice, hospitality and accommodation I’ve received from hugely friendly US and Canadian Land Rover owners. The brotherhood of the Green Oval is alive and kicking across the Pond and I feel very humbled to be welcomed with such open arms by so many friends I’ve not yet met. It’s amazing how the Internet opens the world up (in a time when parts of Britain have chosen to retreat away from that world – but the less said about that the better). Thank you all – looking forward to meeting you soon!

Bought a large pile of camping and outdoor gear for use in the UAE in the autumn yesterday – and took the little Ford offroad to see what it will do. Underbody clearance is limiting and I was right about that front spoiler – anything more than mild rocks and ruts and the clonks and bonks from underneath get unnerving. I’m also not a fan of automatic transmissions – and low gears on this little wagon have no engine braking effect. Still and all it gets me out into the rough(ish) stuff for now, and I can sell it for a small profit when a decent Land Rover turns up. As long as I don’t thrash the bananas off it in the mean time 😉

Back to Britain in a few days after a ridiculous year. Can’t wait.

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