The Year of the Bumblebee?

Hoping to resume the application of cudgels to register Bumblebee the Camel Trophy Disco here in the UAE when payday happens (today!?). She still languishes in a friend’s garage here in Fujairah as she is not road legal. I went to check her out the other day and all is well – started first time, despite a four-week absence.


Here she is in the desert between Sharjah and Fujairah


Nifty non-standard LED running lights


Handy LED spots around the roof rack for camping


Stowage in the back of a Disco Mk 1 is always a task – especially for overland vehicles. This handbuilt storage drawer system makes life a lot easier, as do the interior aftermarket LED lights. The space for the fridge is just visible at the far end. I keep that indoors so I can get it started on the 220v mains and reduce them temperature with that before transferring it to the 12v car system.


A Camel in Arabia…. Bee in her natural habitat


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