Strange time for all…

A strange time for the world – “unprecedented” gets used a lot at the mo – and its true. At least two of my friends have this COVID 19 wretch, one in China and one in the UK, and the ructions it causes globally are evident – less so are the ones it will continue to cause for years to come.

So first – I hope those reading this are well, and staying safe.

Before the immediate lockdown here in the UAE I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the northern deserts of Umm Al Qawain with a range of lovely old Series trucks, exploring dunes and camping at small oases.

Here are some highlights…


Series 2 109 – exhilarating to drive and a great load carrier


Series 1 88 – nippy and goes anywhere!


In camp at a small oasis as the sun lowers – Lightweight and Series 1 been working hard


My friend Mark in the dunes with the Series 2 109


Series 1 – a virtual twin of my truck in Zimbabwe


Mark again – I took the pic – as we clean and dry kit after the trip!

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