A new desert

For me, the draw of Egypt is the desert; its space, its history and its ecology. In contrast to my previous, optimistic, post, it became clear towards the lag-end of 2015 that the Egyptian desert, or at least the ‘real’ Sahara, (rather than the bits immediately west of Cairo) was not going to be opening up again any time soon – and certainly not in the way I have loved and taken for granted for around ten years – the free and open access, and the ability to roam unchecked for hundreds of wild miles. Egypt without the desert is like Glencoe without the mountains – well, not  quite, but you see what I am driving at.

So the opportunity came in December 2015 to move to a desert country that was more accessible – Fujairah, in the United Arab Emirates. I took the chance.  So I am typing this in Fujairah, having been here for thee days. Its a gloriously sunny day, around 35 degrees C outside, and I am making plans for a Land Rover and some exploration….. I can’t bring my Defender in from Cairo as Emirati bureaucracy makes it prohibitively difficult, so a Plan b is needed. Watch this space!

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